Viper Black Flux Darts - Blue

$74.97 $124.95

The exclusive Viper Black Flux 90% Tungsten Conversion Dart Set comes with a set of steel tip converter points and soft tips, which allows this set of darts to be used on both sisal and electronic dartboards. The high quality 90% Tungsten barrels are perfect for anyone looking for a professional dart set, capable of tight groupings for higher scores. Each set of Flux conversion darts will come with a set of converter points, soft dart tips, three barrels, a set of standard dart flights, a set of slim dart flights, o-rings, and Viperlock Aluminum Shade Shafts.

  • Conversion darts come with a set of converter steel tips, and soft tips, making them usable with both sisal and electronic dartboards
  • 90% Tungsten Barrels have a slim profile for tight shot groupings
  • Standard and slim flights allow you to customize your darts to fit your throw
  • Includes three darts, converter points, soft tips, o-rings, and a total of six flights in both slim and standard sizes
  •  Warranty: Lifetime Barrel Guarantee

Dart Barrel Material: Tungsten
Dart Barrel Length: 43.03 mm
Dart Barrel Min Diameter: 6.12 mm
Dart Barrel Max Diameter: 6.72 mm
Dart Shaft Material: Aluminum