8' Simonis 860 Pool Table Cloth - Dark Green - *Faulted Cloth*


8' Dark Green Simonis 860 for Sale. This cloth is being sold as **FAULTED**. Cloth does not have original box and has been in a storage rack for several months. 

** Cloth WILL have fold lines ( most of the time these can be stretched out when applied to the table) 
** Dye marks on the back side of the cloth (these are not on the play service) 
** No visible knots or holes in this cloth 
** Includes (1) bed cloth (6) pre cut rail clothes
** Color: Dark Green 

Please note again that we are selling this as a faulted cloth, which is why the price is significantly less than new cloth.This cloth has not been used, but has sat in a rack for several months. Please do not purchase this cloth if you want a perfect Simonis Cloth.