Q Claw 3 Pool Cue Holder


Use the Q Claw 3 Pool Cue holder to safely rest your cue on the edge of your table. The Q Claw is unlike other pool cue holders as it does not need to clamp to the rail edge. The weighted holder allows it to rest on the any surface without dinging or scratching your table.

Your cues will be safely secured in the tone of the 3 notches of the claw. You'll never have to lean your valuable cue up again the wall and wach as it crashes to the floor again. 

The Q claw 3 Pool Cue Holder is great travel companion to put in your case, to take to bars, tournaments or other areas of play. 


  1. Holds: 3 Cues 
  2. Colors Available: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red 
  3. Material: Weighted rubber