K-66 Pool Table Cushion


Upgrade your pool table with our K-66 Pool Table Cushion. This pool table rubber is perfect for repairing and upgrading your existing pool table. Made from a premium blend of 95% high-quality gum rubber and 5% specialized filler, delivering exceptional rebound, consistency, and durability.

Cushions comes in a pack of (6) standard 48" length pieces, providing ample material for your repair needs. Simply cut the cushion to the dimensions of your pool table's rails for a perfect fit.

  •  K66 full profile rail cushion (standard on A.E. Schmidt Pool Tables) 
  •  Premium grade, 95% gum-rubber
  •  Includes a set of six cushions

Experience improved gameplay and prolonged cushion life with the K-66 Pool Table Cushion – the ideal choice for revitalizing your beloved billiard table.