Shuffleboard Wax


Dust on Triple Crown Shuffleboard wax to adjust your playfield speeds. This shuffleboard "sand" or "powder" comes in 1lb container. Container has a convenient lid to sprinkle on sand or eject larger amounts. Shuffleboard wax is a crucial compenent to your shuffleboard play experience, wax keeps the pucks moving down the length of the board. 

 Triple Crown is the gold standard for shuffleboard wax powder. Please check the chart below to see which speed will work best for your shuffleboard length. 

Available in multiple speeds:

Yellow Ice I Fast

9' or 12'

Yellow Ice II Faster 

14’ or 16’

Yellow Ice III Fastest 18’, 20’, or 22’

Also available:

Triple Crown White Ice:

  • Ultra fast “speed regulator.”
  • Can be used alone or mixed with other wax to create your own custom speeds.

** Do not use on floors 

Shuffleboard Wax is available for local St.Louis Pickup.