Viper Edge Throw Line Marker

$5.39 $8.99

Step up your competition! Viper’s Throw Line Marker helps keep players in line and toes behind the line. A precisely engineered Axis Rectifier Scale helps you adjust your stance consistently throw after throw, running your average even higher. High quality printing and heavy duty resin will stand the test of time, after countless games. The sleek design and elegant sharpness complement a modern décor much better than that old piece of masking tape. Installation is a breeze, just measure, center, peel and stick.

  • Heavy duty resin ensures that your throw line marker will stand up to even the most well-traveled game rooms, garages, or taverns.
  • A must have to complete your darting experience.
  • Axis Rectifier Scale, printed directly on the line, allows you to adjust your stance consistently
  • Simple installation, just measure, peel and stick.
  • Eliminate foot fouls, with impressive visibility, viewable in dimly lit rooms, or from the sideline.
  • Regulation distance from face of dartboard is 7’9-1/4” for steel tip dartboards and 8’ for electronic dartboards.